Friday, 12 August 2011


 On the first day i was kid of nervous but the next day i was not after seeing my friends.I met new people with new characters e.g laughing Latifat,babish Jemima,mummy Ify,boyish Temi,funny Semirat,gentle Anu and so many characters that will take time if i mention them.Life at the camp was quite fun and exciting there was fighting and misunderstanding still we sorted out our differences so we can live as one. At first i didn't want to mingle with everybody but i changed my mind and said to my self they aren't so bad after all ones you get to meet them and that was right they were nice especially Amatulla with her Hausa accent she so friendly and sweet i will really miss her not to talk about then irreplaceable Semirat i cant forget her.
 I really enjoyed the camp i learnt about Microsoft word, Microsoft powerpoint, Google, opening a Gmail account, Public speaking and so on.They were all really fun and educative and it will really help me in my daily activities to be better in all i do and to be able to stand out among my peers.
The part i like best is the part about etiquette because its the way you talk, act, behave, its everything.
I don't like that there isn't enough time to boil water enough to bath because for a girl like me i cant stand cold.
The camp has made me want to explore the science but not change my future career i will make technology my soul and heart and make sure technology doesn't leave me behind. i will use technology in my every day life and teach those who don't and even invite them to come for this camp because it is GREAT